Protecting the Future of Local Journalism

We’re working to protect the future of local journalism by publishing great local newspapers that our communities love. As we go through this journey, we’re glad to be able to share what we learn with other publishers. 

We Believe In


Truth and trust are essential for journalism to be effective. In a world where most people don’t know who they can trust, media companies have to emphasize truth and integrity. 


The community newspaper exists to serve a community. We exist to provide a service and improve the lives of our readers by allowing them to be more engaged with their community. Community is everything. 


Any business or organization has to grow to survive. Because we’re committed to the future of community journalism in rural America, we’re committed to growth. Since our inception we have added an average of one publication per month, and we’re looking forward to our future growth.

About Us

Richardson Media Group exists to serve local communities by providing a great source for community news, information, and entertainment. RMG, established in 2023, is a forward thinking media company that isn’t afraid to respect the traditions that have proved themselves over decades, or even centuries, of changes in market dynamics and technologies. 

Yes, this means we embrace and celebrate the value of print media as the bedrock our our offerings, though we technically reach more readers online. There is a difference between readership and engagement. Our customers are engaged in their community and engaged in our product, spending hours per week with our print and digital products. You can’t get here with click-bate faux journalism. 

It only comes with developing an audience over time as a trusted news source. This is something newspapers have done better than any other type of media organizations. There are more reasons for this than can be included here. But those reasons are as real as ever in 2024 and we’re looking forward to a long and bright future of print media with the accent of the supplemental digital tools such as websites, mobile apps, e-newsletters, and more. 


Our mission is to empower our readers to be more engaged in the communities they love but providing accurate, timely, and locally relevant news, information, and entertainment.


Our vision is to improve the communities we serve by providing accurate journalism that enriches the lives of our readers, holds government, educational, economic, and religious leaders accountable, and celebrates the achievements of the people we know and love. 

Our Publications